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Bitcoin is a strange beast. The best and worst part of the currency is that there is no central body, and those who wrote the code do not continue to make money from it.  Why is this bad?  It leads to in-fighting between different views and propaganda being spread by those trying to shape the public image.  

Much of the bitcoin user base gets it's information from platforms such as twitter or reddit. As has been proven with many recent world events, these forums can be manipulated through fake accounts or paid users to popularize particular viewpoints or to create distrust.

I personally spend hours a week parsing these headlines and opinions trying to determine what are the biggest stories of the week and what is really going on.

The First Newsletter: From Segwit to $10,000

Hello from BTC Weekly News,

Since this is the first newsletter, we will be going back to major updates in the last few months.

Bitcoin was forked into two coins, and a new "Bitcoin Cash" coin was formed.  Anyone who owned bitcoin prior to the August 2017 fork now owns both coins.  This website considers Bitcoin Cash as an "altcoin" but it is still important to know if you own it.

Segwit activated in August, allowing for more transactions in each block and setting the table for future off-chain scaling. Currently around 11% of transactions are utilizing Segwit.

The controversial Segwit2X hardfork, which would have created another coin, was scheduled for mid-November but was called off due to a lack of support.

This week the dominant story is that Bitcoin has crossed $10,000 on Coinbase, up over 10% on the week.  This is a monumental achievement for the currency. This price was once considered "The Moon" by some in Bitcoin. The cause of this price jump was not a piece of specific news about Bitcoin as much as a general bullishness within the crypto markets. 



Maxwell Bilodeau